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Seeing the word “bonus” has likely enticed you to at least check out an online casino. Before you decide to jump in, however, it’s helpful to understand what an online casino bonus is and how it works. Only then can you make a wise decision on whether or not to take advantage of the bonus.

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Online Casino Deposit Bonus

What Is An Deposit Bonus?

This is the most popular form of promotional offer. It is primarily used to target new players with an attractive bonus percentage per deposit increment. For example, an online casino may advertise a 100 percent bonus for every £100 deposited up to a specific threshold. The biggest bonus percentages are usually one-time offers to encourage a maximum deposit. Additional deposits may come with bonus percentages that are smaller. For example, a casino may offer a 50 percent bonus per £100 for all future deposits after the initial one.

How Does A Deposit Bonus Work?

Deposit bonuses come with strict wagering requirements. A wagering requirement is the minimum wager amount needed to release winnings or bonus funds into the main cash balance. Only funds in the main cash balance can be withdrawn. With some online casinos, there is a steep wagering requirement associated with a large deposit bonus. If a player makes a withdrawal before meeting the playthrough requirements of the deposit bonus instead of depositing more money, the unused bonus funds and any winnings are automatically forfeited.

Who Should Use An Deposit Bonus?

Gamblers who can afford to make a large deposit and can meet the minimum wager requirement should take advantage of a bonus. For gamblers who cannot meet the deposit or wager requirements, there are other promotional options such as no-deposit bonuses, free plays and exclusive loyalty bonuses for repeat players.

Free spins & No Deposit Bonus at online casinos


Although it may seem like a newer phenomenon, online casinos have been in existence since the dawn of the internet. With the first sites popping up around 1994, it soon became obvious that there was an extremely high demand for online gaming. In fact, a mere four years later, there were already more online casinos than real-life casinos. Over the next couple of decades, even more online casinos would make their triumphant debuts.
When it comes to online gaming, there is still a vast array of casinos at which players can test their luck. The old adage that there is “something for everyone” most certainly applies in this case. Whether players prefer poker, slots or other types of online pursuits, they will be able to find a game that tickles their fancy. In fact, with such a competitive market, it can be hard for players to establish loyalty with a particular online casino. This is how free spins have become one way that gaming enthusiasts can test out new games that they might like. Online casinos often use free spins as a method to lure new customers onto their sites. However, each online casino maintains its own rules. While some may require an initial deposit from players who want to claim a free spin, other casinos will allow players to take advantage of free spins without any deposit.

Some savvy players have even been known to use free spins to establish a bankroll, building up their funds without ever using any of their own money. It’s always important to go through the rules and regulations with a fine-tooth comb, though, because players may discover that there are conditions attached to free spins offered by the online casino. In order to avoid any confusion, it’s better to research these rules ahead of time—before any casino play takes Place.

Slots players especially may find that online casinos are willing to dole out free spins in the hopes of attracting new players. Some enterprising casinos have even established promotions in which players receive free spins as a bonus for every deposit they make. For those who are seeking free spins with no strings attached, though, investigating all of the terms and conditions for various sites will be crucial. With so many online casinos attempting to attract new players, all gaming enthusiasts should be able to find one that caters to their specific needs.

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Online Casinos

Online casinos are internet-based versions of traditional land-based casinos. Participants can choose from a wide selection of innovative games, and wagers are made over the internet, using qualified accounts. The odds and payback ratios are believed to be higher with online betting compared to traditional casinos, but online players have the opportunity to wager real money awarded as trial bonuses.

Types of Online Casinos

Online participants have the option of downloading the casino’s software to play and wager on casino games. The online casino’s software provides the connection to the game provider and, it is designed to manage the connection without browser support, resulting in quicker access to the site. Important components of the software such as sound files and graphics programs are cached in the players’ system after the initial download is completed.

Web-based online casinos do not require software downloads. These games are Flash-based and can be played directly from the web browser. The Macromedia Flash plugin, the Java program or similar software must be enabled and supported by the browser. Additionally, in-browser games require more bandwidth because data-rich features such as animation, sound and sound effects are streamed as needed. Devices that do not support Flash will not have access to web-based online casino games.

Dealer-led live online casinos are expensive and complicated to set up because the operation requires a larger investment in technology and staff. Through a game console or their own computers, players are given real time access to games that are led by a human dealer. Players communicate with the dealer or pit boss through a live chat system. The type of casino games played as online live events may be limited to traditional games such as roulette, baccarat and blackjack.

Online casinos have been around since the 1990s. The Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda passed the Free Trade and Processing Act that included provisions for licensing businesses that focused on establishing online casinos. Online gaming software was developed at about this time by Microgaming, which is still one of today’s top designers and investors in online gaming. Over the years, the number of online casino websites increased significantly along with Revenues.

Advances in game technology, online security and payment processing will enhance the quality of online casino offerings. Legislative issues related to the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act may be hindering broader participation. It must be noted that this regulation enjoins banks and credit card companies from facilitating gambling-related transactions but does not specifically define internet gambling. In most cases, state laws regulate online casino activities, but efforts are underway to amend the UIGEA.

Online Casino Slots

The history of online slot machines began in the 1980s, when casinos started to computerize their one-armed bandits. People also played slots on PCs and video game systems at home, but they couldn’t win any cash. The first Internet-based casino went online in 1995. Today, gamblers play slots on more than 1,500 websites.

Online slot machines come in numerous varieties. Some feature Greek, Egyptian or Japanese themes. Players may access Internet casinos through standard Web browsers. Many of these websites require the Adobe Flash Player plug-in. Some companies provide specialized computer software that gamblers can download.

In recent years, people gained the ability to play slots on tablets, smartphones and other portable equipment. Some Internet casinos have created mobile-friendly websites. Others supply apps for Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone or iOS devices.

Cash Payments

Gamblers have the option to practice with free online slot machines until they’re ready to bet real money. Advertising often helps support free games. When players make deposits, they can choose between several different payment methods. Many casinos accept credit cards, PayPal funds, bitcoins and/or electronic checks.

How it Works

Internet slot machines use random numbers to determine what symbols appear after each spin. They don’t pay out after a certain number of spins, so a previous win or loss doesn’t affect the outcome. However, the likelihood of winning varies from one casino to the next.

To sum it up, online slot machines have rapidly gained popularity during the past two decades. Various casinos offer games to suit a wide range of budgets, computing devices and personal preferences. Many payment options are available, but the choices differ depending on a casino’s location and licensing status.

What is Live Casino Online?

Online casinos are designed to mimic their physical counterparts. Each online gaming company uses software that captures the look and feel of the most popular casino games. This includes the themes, colors and images associated with common games, and sound effects are often included to provide a complete online gaming experience. These games are designed to immerse the player in the feel of a real casino, and this includes the live experience of interaction with other players and a real dealer.

How Does Live Casino Online Work?

The live casino experience is possible because of the algorithms that are programmed into the gaming software. This may include a pseudo-random number generator, or PRNG. This algorithm is used to randomize the order of the cards in a game, and it can also be used to generate a random outcome in a slot machine, blackjack game or roulette wheel. The appearance of random numbers is possible because of the sophisticated number generators, which are often regulated by external companies to ensure that the players are getting a fair deal from the online casino. The live aspect of the online casino integrates an interface that allows multiple players to interact with a real dealer, and this mimics the same environment that is found in a real casino.

The live casino experience may also involve some kind of video interface so that players can see each other and the dealer. A live video feed is used to stream the video content to all players in real time. This software may use an optical character recognition system to facilitate interaction between the different players and the dealer. There are also many background components to the game. Various technicians are available to tackle any issues that may arise, for example. Although the live online casino form of gaming is very popular, it is also one of the most expensive options available. There are a limited number of games are offered through the live casino online format.

History of Live Casino Online

Live casino online gaming developed quickly over the course of a few decades. The early games were part of the technology revolution of the 90s and beyond. Over time, these games became more sophisticated and were made available to online players. The new games often involved various software developers including Microgaming, CryptoLogic, Playtech and Realtime Gaming. The interactive components were adapted from existing algorithms and browser plug-ins, which were common in other industries.

Mobile Casinos

Gambling can be great fun for people of all walks of life. There’s something incredibly satisfying about beating the odds and winning some much-needed cash. Most people love a weekend away in Las Vegas with friends, but when that can’t be done, you can somewhat duplicate the experience by gambling online. In recent years, mobile casinos have made online gambling even easier by allowing you to play your favorite casino games on your phone.

When Did Mobile Casino Games Become Popular?

In2014, something interesting happened. For the first time in history, more people started accessing the web on their mobile phones versus their personal computers. This resulted in an explosion in the development of mobile entertainment. From puzzle games to casino apps, people have more ways than ever to have fun on their phones. Online casinos in particular have embraced this new wave of technology. It’s estimated that mobile gambling will earn up to $100 billion dollars worldwide in the year 2017.

What Are the Benefits of Mobile Casinos?

In a world where technology is improving at a rapid pace, some are questioning whether having the world at our fingertips is really a good thing. In moderation, mobile gambling can be a fun hobby. It’s important to take care not to gamble more than is healthy, but this is true of many activities. Mobile gambling allows people who may be bedridden or otherwise unable to make it to a casino the freedom to enjoy gambling in the comfort of their homes. The same goes for someone who is traveling on business and unable to visit their favorite casinos. Thanks to the world of mobile casinos, those who love gambling can gain access from almost anywhere.

Wagering And Playthrough Of Online Bonuses

What Are Wagering And Playthrough Requirements?

Wagering and playthrough requirements are tied to online casino deposit bonuses. They usually apply to a first-time deposit. To entice new players to make a large deposit, online casinos offer deposit bonuses that may be 200 percent or more of the deposit amount. Through one or more wagers, the player must meet the minimum requirement to fully access the bonus.

How Do Wagering And Playthrough Requirements Work?

The playthrough or wagering requirement is usually outlined in a specific multiple of the bonus. For example, a casino may have a 20x wagering requirement for a 300 percent first-time deposit bonus. If a new player deposits $1,000, that amount must be wagered at least 20 times to withdraw any bonus funds.

If the same player wins $5,000 before meeting the wagering or playthrough requirement and decides to cash out, the bonus funds and the $5,000 win may be forfeited. Until the requirements are met, the available cash balance will only reflect the remainder of the initial deposit. The most tempting bonuses usually come with steep wagering requirements. Some casinos may exceed 30x.

Where To Find Wagering And Playthrough Requirements

Wagering and playthrough requirements are outlined in the casino’s terms of service. With most sites, visitors can scroll to the bottom of the landing page to find a link to the TOS page. However, casinos usually provide a small hyperlink to the TOS page or a pop-up with the specific requirements before a visitor enters a credit card number to make a deposit. Players should always read the wagering and playthrough requirements thoroughly to avoid wagering more than they can afford or forfeiting the promotional amount entirely.

Online casino softwares & platforms

When choosing an online casino, looking into the software they use is one of the best ways to decide if the casino is a good fit for you. There are dozens of casino platforms available, but there are only a few that are considered top-tier. This post will cover a few of the best-known software providers and detail what separates them from the competition.


This company is based in the Netherlands, and they have been making games for several years now. Their claim to fame is what’s known as the 3D video slot. These games have some of the best animation and graphics in the industry because they focus heavily on quality. If you love fun slots and great animation, BetSoft is perfect for you.

Net Entertainment

Net Entertainment, often abbreviated as NetEnt, has been making games for over 10 years. They offer slots with fantastic graphics, as well as a variety of table games and live dealer games. Their slots in particular are engaging and have incredibly sophisticated production values. They are another company that places emphasis on quality over quantity, so this software platform is perfect if you’re looking for a couple hundred games with lots of replay value and movie-quality animations.


This is the oldest, most well-known name in the casino software industry. Microgaming was the very first software provider for online casinos, and they are still a trusted brand nearly two decades later. They have the largest, most impressive library of games on the market and continually update their offerings of slots, table games and specialty titles. In fact, they currently offer over 400 games.

Realtime Gaming

The final big name on the list of casino software providers is Realtime Gaming, or RTG. Like Microgaming, RTG has been around for quite awhile. They have 18 years of experience in staying ahead of the competition, which means that players are treated to around 200 high-quality games on a simple, intuitive platform. One of RTG’s main selling points is how readily available their software is. They make their software platform readily available to dozens of popular casinos, which means players have plenty of online casino sites to choose from.

There may be dozens of casino software providers in the industry today, but not all of them are trustworthy or worth investigating. Instead, look for one of these four big names when choosing a casino, and you’ll be sure to pick a winner.