What bonuses to look for when choosing new casinos!

Overview of Happy Hours, Cash Back, and Free Spins Promotions

Promotions are the top perk of online gambling with each casino trying to outdo the other. This competition between online casinos leads to some fantastic bonuses for the customer. A variety of gifts is offered at an online casino. Happy hour, cash back, and free spins are three of the most popular bonus types.

Bonus Conditions

Each type of gift has certain requirements that must be met by the player. The most critical condition is the wagering requirement. Each casino requires the bonus to be wagered so many times before a person can cash out.

For example, a casino wagering requirement may be 30X the bonus. So, if a person receives a $1,000 bonus, he or she must wager that at least 30 times or play $30,000 before he or she can cash out or get the bonus in real money.

Some casinos have wagering requirements for the deposit and the bonus. In the case mentioned above, a person would have to wager $60,000 before cashing out. If a person tries to cash out before meeting the wagering requirements, many casinos will void the bonus and all winnings from the bonus.

These wagering requirements may be anywhere from 10x to 70x depending on the casino. Another factor a person needs to consider is any game restrictions on the promotions. Many casinos do not allow certain games to apply towards the wagering requirement.

These conditions are just two of the most important ones to consider before accepting any of the three types of bonuses below.

Cashback Promotions

The cashback bonus is one of the most attractive rewards for players. This bonus does give the player back his or her cash, but first, the player must play significant sums of money. This bonus typically is cash or credits to be used at the casino.

One of the reasons cashback rewards are so popular is frequently, these types of bonuses do not have wagering requirements associated with them. These bonuses are only granted to the most loyal customers, also.

Online bonuses can happen every week, once a month, or every few weeks. The cashback amount is typically a percentage of the amount of losses the player has suffered.

The exact percentage can be different from casino to casino and player to player. A person who spends a lot of money at an online casino is going to earn more than an average player. Frequently, a cashback bonus is 5% to 20% of the money wagered.

Some cashback programs are automatic, so when the player is eligible, the cashback reward is deposited directly into the player’s account. However, some casinos require the player to request and approve the promotion before they will issue the cashback.

Cashback promotions have certain requirements that must be met. It is important for a player to read the terms and conditions of an online casino to understand the requirements of the casino.

The amount to wager to receive a cashback bonus and the games that count towards the offer are two items that should be viewed in the terms and conditions. Blackjack is typically not included in the games that count towards earning cashback offers is an example.

An individual should also see if there is a cap on any cashback offers. A variety of caps is used by different casinos. One casino could have a cap as low as $100. Reading the terms and conditions will allow a player to make an informed decision when choosing to accept a cashback bonus.

The bonus may affect the player’s ability to be eligible for other bonuses that could have better offers. A cashback offer is a reward for losing, so a player must lose to earn the bonus. A player should remember this when looking at cash back offers.

Happy Hour Promotion

A happy hour bonus is typically offered during a certain period on particular days for an online casino. For most casinos, a player must wager a certain amount of money or make a deposit during the hour to be eligible for the bonus. The bonus is a percentage of the wager or deposit.

For example, if a player placed a wager of $10 and the casino offered a 20% happy hour promotion, the player would earn $2 in bonus cash. Most casinos put a cap on the amount one player can make in one hour.

Typically, a happy hour bonus also has a wagering requirement that must be met before a player can cash out. Other provisions of the happy hour promotion are similar to the cashback promotion.

Free Spins Promotion

Casinos use free spins to attract new players. These free spins are given to players to use for particular games for a chance to win real money. The free spin promotion also has terms and conditions that a player must follow similar to the cashback and happy hour promotions.

It is possible a casino has a turnover conditions or a restriction on the amount of winnings that can be withdrawn. Some casinos only allow a player to withdraw a certain percentage of the winnings from the free spins.

For example, if a player wins $1,000 and the casino has a limit of 20%, he or she could only withdraw $200 which would mean $800 would have to be played.

Free spins are offered as a deposit bonus, post-wager promotion, or as a risk-free way to try a new game. When used as a deposit bonus, the free spins are offer when a player makes an initial real money deposit.

A post-wager promotion happens after a player has wagered a certain amount of money. When new games are introduced, some casinos will offer free spins to players to test the game.

Free spins and free play can be two different things. Free play does not earn a player real money where the winnings from the free spins can be turned into real money. The winnings must meet the wager requirements first, but then can be cashed out.